Expect Instant Results With an SMS Poll

Using an SMS poll to gather data or communicate with an audience has become very popular today. Many companies are now using this type of technology to take polls, accept votes, or receive feedback. An SMS poll is an effective way to receive instant results which are instantly organized for convenience. Audience members can respond to an SMS polls by texting on mobile phone, calling special numbers, or responding online. These polls can be used by many different types of companies.

Fundraising Events Using an SMS Poll

By using an SMS poll an organization can quickly accept pledges for fundraising events. Many not-for-profit organizations use this method for pledge drives. An organization can advertise the pledge drive on television, radio, and in print. Each advertisement can include the details of how make a pledge. Once the event is over the organization can quickly use the data gathered to send out pledge envelopes and begin collecting money. An SMS poll will make the process very streamlined and organized.

Voting Is Very Simple With an SMS Poll

Many television shows now use an SMS poll to collect votes. For example, shows such as American Idol and Dancing with the Stars use an SMS poll for collecting votes. These polls allow thousand or even millions of people to vote simultaneously for an event. The same technique can be used for smaller scale events like voting for a local contest. Colleges and schools can also use these polls to accept votes for campus events such as the homecoming contest.

Feedback from Clients with an SMS Poll

Business owners can also use an SMS poll to gather data from clients. Large corporations are now using this process to gather feedback on specific products or service workers. With an SMS poll a business owner can offer a discount or future service if a customer will rate the service received or the quality or a product purchased. Some corporations even offer contests for those will to respond to an SMS poll. A customer can enter to win thousands of dollars or large prizes if they are willing to call or text their opinion in.

Receiving Results Is Easy

Business owners can use an online SMS poll service to accept votes, pledges, or feedback. As the information is gathered it can be placed into an online graphing system or a PowerPoint presentation. The business owners can then gather and sort the information once the poll is through. Most services will allow the poll to be sorted by specific factors. For example you might want to sort results by the age group of the voters or the sex of the people who placed each vote.

In short an SMS poll can be an invaluable tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking feedback or results from individuals. This is also a very affordable option when compared to paying ballot takers to collect votes in person or on the phone. An SMS poll also cuts down on the margin of error within a poll or voting system.